Fake News Surrounding Various Critical Issues

by | Oct 16, 2020

As the world responds to all kinds of pandemics all the time, including the COVID-19, we encounter the challenge of information overabundance related to various happenings. Some of the information available may be false and likely harmful.

False or inaccurate information spreads fast and widely, making it harder for public news audiences to identify facts that have been verified. It’s also difficult to take advice from trusted sources of information or news. This is where we come in to create awareness about fake news from around the world.

However, everyone can get involved in stopping fake news from spreading like wildfire. If you see false or misleading news online, report it to the social media platform hosting it. Alternatively, you can also contact with the information to help create awareness and stop the spread of fake news.

We’ve partnered with various agencies and governments worldwide to join forces with their communications teams. We’ve done this as part of the efforts we’ve put in place to raise awareness of misinformation and fake news surrounding various critical issues, including COVID-19.

At Future of Fake News, we encourage individuals and audiences to report any misleading content online or fake news to help stop it from spreading. 

We’ve done multiple campaigns both offline and online to encourage the use of known and trusted information or news sources such as BBC and Aljazeera. For instance, you can visit the national health authorities or WHO websites for accurate information or news on COVID-19.

Our joint campaigns focus on proactively identifying and reporting potentially misleading and fake news. This is part of our efforts to cease the spread of harmful and inaccurate information, especially during this pandemic. Contact us for more information about our website and services regarding creating awareness on fake news.

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What is Fake News?

Fake news is fictional or untrue information that’s presented online or through media houses as news.

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