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by | Oct 17, 2020

Traditional media and big TV channels have lost their careful, fact-checked dominance. On the other hand, the growth of social media is driving the democratization of propaganda. At the same time, fake news and misinformation is creeping through all online platforms. It aims to remove the fake news and to change the tendency of the audience into believing all sorts of untruths. In the United States, “fake news” is often shared widely online.

Fake news, otherwise known as stories based on false information, have the potential to influence politics. We provide insights and reports on the effects of fake news on political attitudes. We also examine ways individual responsibility should govern the interactions with social media. Our numerous articles about fake news are real and enable people to reject misleading information. the implications of ‘fake news’ and loss of trust in the media for other democracies. Our panel examines the consequences of living in an age of “alternative facts” and fake reality.

The panel is also aware that politicians use the term fake news to discredit media, and that journalists need to fight back. They also explore what makes social media such a powerful application in the fake news context. The aim is to prevent the application of unilateral solutions while solving the background factors of political polarization that fuel misinformation.

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What is Fake News?

Fake news is fictional or untrue information that’s presented online or through media houses as news.

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