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Simon Adler takes us down a technological rabbit hole of strangely contorted faces and words made out of thin air. And a wonderland full of computer scientists, journalists, and digital detectives forces us to rethink even the things we see with our very own eyes.

Oh, and by the way, we decided to put the dark secrets we learned into action, and unleash this on the internet:

Welcome to the future of fake news

If you saw this on TV, or on your phone... would you believe it?

The technology of fake news

Project Voco

Using tiny audio clips, researchers from Adobe and Princeton turn text into the words of anyone they'd like.

Synthesizing Obama

Using a generic video of President Obama speaking, researchers at the University of Washington can match his facial movements to a totally different set of words.


Researchers at Stanford have found a way to let ordinary people control the faces of presidents, in real time.